this is my big white Boy this is my big white Boy Matoskah This is Matoska at 6 weeks old. have to wate 2 more weeks before i can go get him get him. he is now 3 y/o now that is gene holding him 116907569 his big pony my son's girl friend's little boy sits on Matoskah like his pony. Matoskah just loves that boy 116910357 In the camper love to take a nap on a hot summer day in the camper under the A/C at the lake 116910358 Matoskah love watchen OU play foot ball 116910359 Matoskah wating for dad to help me unload the fire wood. 116910360 Matoskah wating for it to get dark so dad will start a fire 116910361 Matoskah Matoskah looking at his first horse 116910362 Matoskah Matoskah on dads bed. bad boy 116910363 Matoskah and dad Matoskah given dad a kiss In the lake 116910365 This is the life i love to set by the fire 116910366 Chrismas 2009 Matoskah and Dad with his Christmas present 116910367 Matoskah 2010 Matoskah sleeping on his new bed he got from santa 2010 116910368 Matoskah's 4 years old Matoskah with his Birthday gift 151761613 151761614 151761615