Princess Leia Princess Leia Napping with daddy ~ yes I am smiling! 141105981 Meeting my kids Jay & Ava for the first time ~ They love me... 141106188 I love to chase my kids! 141106255 141106256 After playing soccer with the kids for an hour...very tired. 141106299 Yep, I'm the Princess... 141106300 Napping with her look-a-like toy 141106301 My first hairbow! 141292615 Being my pretty Leia-Bear self... 142076827 See my "yoda" ear?!? 142076828 Having fun with my b-ball! 142076829 142705307 Ears are almost up!! 142705308 She's just a little spoiled, lol!! 142705309 Leia and her kids :) 142705310 Sweet baby face! 144793626 144793627 144793628 144793629 We have discovered that Leia LOVES to fetch! 144793631 Love, love, love this pic!! So beautiful 144793650 Leia being her usual funny self (3 1/2 months old). 153237123 Loves to go bye-bye! And finally big enough to look out the window (4 1/2 months old) 153237161 153237168 Love this smile - happy baby (7 months old) 153237468 First boat ride, swim and stay at the condo! She loved it all! Was a very good girl the whole time (7 months old). 153237469