Sierra Sierra January 13, 2012 - My first day home. 150170146 Me and my new big sister Dakota at the top of the basement steps. That sure looks like a long way down! 150170147 Haley refereeing tug of war. Big dogs do not intimidate me! 150170148 I was obsessed with sleeping under these chairs the first week. I thought maybe no one would see me. 150170149 One of my many awkward sleeping positions. That's gonna hurt in the morning! 150170150 Playing hide and seek with Dakota getting ready to pounce! 150170151 Lounging in the sun on one of those odd 60 degree winter days in the Burgh. 150170152 Spoke too soon, but I love playing in the snow! 150170153 Dakota makes a great big sister, but an even better pillow! 150170154 Sitting pretty for a treat. One of my best talents! 150170155 Dakota and I posing for yet "another" sibling photo for our mom. Sigh......... 150170156 Are you looking at me? 150172284 170452255 199244817 199244725 199244726 199245148