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Allens Akitas

Akita Breeder

Contact Vicky Allen/Cory Allen

2131 Dennis Rd

Mansfield, Mo. 65704

417 924 8064 or text 417 554 2018‚Äč

Email: [email protected]

Photo Gallery

Toby! Colbert, GA Toby! Colbert, GA Digging! 158666381 Cute face! 158666382 Ready to pounce! 158666383 Sharing his ball! 158666384 Hoping Daddy will drop some food! 158666385 Wondering what's under there! 158666386 Cute Akita belly! 158666387 Something is over there! 158666388 What was that? 158666389 Taking it easy! 158666390 Hot out here! 158666391