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Allens Akitas

Akita Breeder

Contact Vicky Allen/Cory Allen

2131 Dennis Rd

Mansfield, Mo. 65704

417 924 8064 or text 417 554 2018‚Äč

Email: [email protected]

Photo Gallery

Mieko & Kobe, Nixa, MO Mieko & Kobe, Nixa, MO Mieko First night home, being watched closely by new companion, Taro. 184775496 Mieko It's a hard life as a puppy! So much playing to do... 184775497 Mieko I love my new back yard! 184775498 Mieko Ears are starting up! 185030749 Mieko See how I am growing! 185030750 Mieko What is wrong with how I sleep? 194787630 Mieko Graduating Advanced class at Petsmart! 194787631 Mieko Love the snow! 194787632 Mieko and Kobe I love my little brother ... but I am still boss! 194787633 Mieko 194787634 Mieko and Kobe Watching Dad in the backyard without us! 194787635 Mieko Happy 1st Birthday! 7/15/14 194787636 Kobe David checking on our little guy before he could come home. 194787920 Kobe and Gene Here is our boy with Gene! 194787921 Kobe Enjoying a roll in the leaves. 194787922 Kobe 194787923 Kobe 194787924 Kobe 194787925 Mieko and Kobe 194787926 Kobe 194787927 Kobe Kobe and his big brother, Taro (not from the Allens). 194787928