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Allens Akitas

Akita Breeder

Contact Vicky Allen/Cory Allen

2131 Dennis Rd

Mansfield, Mo. 65704

417 924 8064 or text 417 554 2018‚Äč

Email: [email protected]

Photo Gallery

Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy Draco at 2 weeks old 197009142 Draco at 4 weeks old 197008934 4 weeks old 197008935 4 weeks old 197009136 Draco at 5 weeks old 197009137 5 weeks old 197009138 5 weeks old 197009139 5 weeks old 197009143 Draco at 6 weeks old this and the next photo are the last ones until we pick him up, he is already soooo big and so handsome! 197009140 6 weeks old 197009141