Allens Akitas

 Akita Breeder


The contact page isn't working too good so please send email to: [email protected] or call 417 924 8064 landline. Cell 417 554 2018 for texting. Please leave name if texting.  Thank you.


We have had more puppies but we had a waiting list we needed to fill.  So what we have left now is one little boy out of Kim and Smoky plus 2 boys out of Ellie and Timbuktu. I will post pictures of them in a day or so. Kim's were born 7/04 and Ellies was born 7/07. Please come back a little later and look them over. Think you'll like what you see. They are very  young but already love to be snuggled.


Here is an example of how we socialize our puppies.This is our Nephew's wife and kids enjoying Easter with Kitty and Timbuktu's little boy. This boy is going to be living in Indiana. Now he's begging for more attention