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We had a chance to buy this beautiful girl from a different breeder who is going out of business. She is AKC registered with a very impressive pedigree. She accidentally got bred to a white Akita who is not registered. It is easy to see he is a great quality Akita also tho. I will show pictures of both along with a copy of her papers. She had nine puppies after we got her. There are 4 boys and 4 girls. They are all very nice but we will have to sell them as pet only. It is ok to breed but they just won't have papers. We do guarantee they will be healthy and happy. We usually ask $900 for our kids but these are only going to be $600. I will post pics of the puppies after posting their mom and dads pics. 

 These  puppies are very good quality. They are very robust. Their mother is AKC but their father is registered in a different registry. Please notice the # 3 girl had a bit of fungus on her tail and a toe. It is all healed up. Just waiting on the hair to grow back. It will come back 100%. Number 4 didn't have it at all.

Our Kim Ho and Jack now have five amazing puppies. They were born 9/27/19, There are 3 beautiful boys and 2 precious girls. Kim and Jack both have great temperaments and love all the attention they can get.

These kids will come with full AKC papers and will be fat and healthy.

They can be shipped 11/22/2019. The price is $900 and $325 shipping. They can be picked up around 11/15/2018 which we definitely urge if possible. It is such a good time to bond.